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Dante's Infinite Monkeys

Technology Meets the 7 Deadly Sins
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Mike Dover is a leading authority on social media, popular culture and the economic and social impact of technology.

Dover is the author of Dante’s Infinite Monkeys: Technology meets the 7 Deadly Sins and co-author of Wikibrands: Reinventing Your Company in a Customer-Driven Marketplace. Wikibrands won the Silver Medal for Marketing Book of the Year for 2011 by Expert Marketeer and was named one of the top ten Business Books by Booklist Magazine.


He is a Professor of Marketing at Humber College in Toronto and the Managing Partner of Socialstruct Advisory Group, a boutique research firm.

My Books

Dante's Infinite Monkeys


My Books

"Hands-down, it's simply one of the most fascinating business books for this year. For one, it's actually readable and usable. Chock full of nuggets of insights and wisdom covering in the intersection of technologies, pop culture and human behavior. I promise that you will find some exceptional ideas and stories that you can put to work."


Author of Design Thinking for Strategic Innovation and CEO of Idea Couture Inc.

Press Interviews
Press interviews

Speech Topics

  • How technology intensifies evil

  • Business and governance in the post-truth society

  • Wikibrands: reinventing your company in a customer-driven marketplace

  • Rethinking analytics for the social enterprise

  • Wikibranding: serving the engaged citizen

  • Understanding Canada’s anti-spam legislation

  • The future of education

  • Harnessing social media

  • The Net generation as customer and employee

Speech Topics
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